backends Package

backends Package

Handle the execution of processes

If you are testing the software or you want to locate a bug, the serial backend is your choice. If you want to be fast and use each of the CPU kernels on your computer, use the multicore backend. For High Performance Computing or other distributed computing variants you will mostly need to implement new backends.

The backend is chosen in the create_backend() method and normally the user chooses it as the first parameter in the command line execution.


base Backend Base Class and Methods
ll_backend Execute operations on a cluster with the LoadLeveler scheduler
ll_runner Executable script for Loadleveler to start processes
ll_subflow_runner Executable script for Loadleveler to start subflows
mpi_backend Distribute the processes on a High Performance Cluster
mpi_runner Simple helper script that unpickles and executes a processes using mpi
multicore Execute as many processes in parallel as there are (logical) CPUs on the local machine
serial Serial process execution on the local machine for easy debugging