Module: environments.big_bang

Load the global configuration file

Author:Timo Duchrow (

Inheritance diagram for pySPACE.environments.big_bang:

Inheritance diagram of pySPACE.environments.big_bang


class pySPACE.environments.big_bang.Configuration(parent_dir, conf_dir=None)[source]

Bases: dict

A global configuration class

Class Components Summary

__setattr__(key, value)
load_configuration([conf_file_name]) Load a configuration from the specified YAML configuration file.
FIRST_CALL_EPILOG = '\n Welcome to pySPACE\n ------------------\n\n This seems to be the first time, you are using pySPACE.\n\n For detailed documentation on pySPACE refer to the online documentation at\n,\n the __init__ file in the pySPACE folder, or the index.rst in the docs folder.\n\n If you have already used the or another installation program all\n relevant configuration files should be found in the folder `pySPACEcenter`\n in your home directory.\n Otherwise it will be searched for in your `PYSPACE_CONF_DIR`.\n\n The main configuration is specified in the <config.yaml>. Please have a look\n at it and the therein specified environment parameters.\n '
__init__(parent_dir, conf_dir=None)[source]

Setting of the default paths

The files are searched in ‘PYSPACE_CONF_DIR’, if it is specified. Otherwise it is searched for in the pySPACEcenter in the user directory.



the directory the pySPACE/ tree resides in


an alternative configuration directory

(optional, default: ‘home_dir/pySPACEcenter’)


Load a configuration from the specified YAML configuration file.

Overwrites default directories and path with directories set in the specified YAML file.

Parameters:conf_file_name (basestring) – the name of the conf file that lies in the ‘conf_dir’
__setattr__(key, value)[source]

list of weak references to the object (if defined)