Module: environments.chains.operation_chain

Concatenation of operations

The basic principle is, that a new main folder is created for the operation chain and every operation gets a subfolder for saving results.

When running the operation chain, the operations were told where to get and where to put their results.

The user only has to specify the list of operations as described in the tutorials and example files and run the software with the chain option -c.

Inheritance diagram for pySPACE.environments.chains.operation_chain:

Inheritance diagram of pySPACE.environments.chains.operation_chain


class pySPACE.environments.chains.operation_chain.OperationChain(input_dict, base_result_dir)[source]

Bases: dict

Create the operation chain object

Class Components Summary

__init__(input_dict, base_result_dir)[source]

list of weak references to the object (if defined)



Creates the operation chain for the name operation_chain_name

Creates the operation for a given operation name. The name is used to look up a YAML specification file for the operation in the spec dir.