Module: tests.run_unittests

Runs all unit tests that can be found in the subdirectory

Author:Hendrik Woehrle ( (extended by Titiruck Nuntapramote, Andrei Ignat)
Last revision:2014/08/08

Inheritance diagram for pySPACE.tests.run_unittests:

Inheritance diagram of pySPACE.tests.run_unittests


class pySPACE.tests.run_unittests.SpecificUnittestSuite(tests=())[source]

Bases: unittest.suite.TestSuite


fill the testing suite with the available tests

The function is an extension of the normal unittest.TestSuite in the sense that it looks for available tests in the unittest directory and appends the available tests to the testing suite.

static check_path()[source]

a simple method that checks the pySPACE folder

static add_tests_to_suite()[source]

Method to add tests to a given test suite.

The function is built such that it can be called by os.path.walk. The specific call thus requires that the suite and enable_parallel arguments be packed into a tuple.

(self, enable_parallel):
 – The test suite, to which the tests are added and a parameter that enables the testing of nodes that rely on the adappt parallelization module.
dir:– The directory which contains the files
files:– List of files