unittests Package

unittests Package

Elemental function tests to catch changes and ensure correct working functions

There are some unittests for nodes and data types, but not quite enough and yet there are bigger system tests missing.

To run all unit tests, you can run tests.run_unittests in the tests folder and tests.check_unittests gives you an overview an existing and missing unittests.


  • Every test class name should end with TestCase.
  • It should derive from unittest.TestCase (use import unittest).
  • The file structure in the unittests folder is the same as in the software.
  • File names get an additional test_-prefix.
  • Write documentation (brief as possible).
  • In setUp you define your testing variables and for each test group you define a separate function with meaningful name.
  • Unittests should be simple and short.
  • Use assertion errors.
  • Do not use prints.
  • As a name for the test use the node class name without the Node.

For further reading refer to: http://docs.python.org/library/unittest.html.


test_node_chain_factory Unit tests for the NodeChainFactory

Subpackages Summary

data_types Unittests for data types
nodes Unittests for nodes