tools Package

tools Package

Several communication, file, memory, and performance tools used in pySPACE

This includes communication tools, file, memory, performance handling, functions for the console output,...

The most important component of tools for nodes is the memoize_generator, which is responsible for the optimization of function calls, by using the memory. In general filsystem is often used for handling files and directories. csv_analysis is quite useful for handling csv files, especially if the processing broke or you want to merge or reduce existing files Last but not least, gprof2dot can be used to generate plots for profiling calls of launch.


conversion Type conversion helper functions
csv_analysis Deal with csv files in general, and in particular after classification
filesystem File handling helper functions
gprof2dot Generate a dot graph from the output of several profilers.
logging_stream_colorer This module contains a class to change the color of the logger output.
logging_stream_redirection This module contains a class to redirect the logging output from one logger to another one.
memoize_generator This module contains a class that provides memoization support for generator.
memory_profiling External profiling code Imported by Jan-Hendrik Metzen
prime_factors This module contains contains methods for prime factorization and related methods.
progressbar Text progressbar library for Python
socket_logger Code based on network-logging
socket_utils Provide often needed functions when dealing with the Python socket module

Subpackages Summary

live Some Modules for online EEG-Streaming and Recording.