Distributor of processes.
Identifier of one sensor. The name comes from EEG processing but can be simply used like sensor.

There are three usages of comma separated values files. A PerformanceResultSummary is a csv-table containing all performance results of your study. Furthermore, each line can correspond to a time point in a StreamDataset, which is emitting TimeSeries objects or a FeatureVector in a FeatureVectorDataset. For creating the needed metadata.yaml for the latter, you can use the script:

Loading, storing and manipulation of csv-files is supported by the software.

Set of data of one type of one recordings in a fixed processing stage. Formerly called collection.
Elementary signal processing unit
node chain
Concatenation of nodes to define a linear processing chain. Formerly called flow. This came from the usage in MDP. Flow is a very general description for any data processing. In pySPACE also backends, operations, operation chains and even nodes handle data flows. A node chain can be seen as a special data flow. It specifies several processing steps of the data.
Large parameterized processing task, which is divided into smaller parts with different parameters.
operation chain
Concatenation of operations to be processed consecutively. Formerly called campaign.
Independent part of an operation, to be processed in parallel with all processes in the operation.
Name of the Software. SPACE stands for Signal Processing And Classification Environment and the py comes from Python, parallelization and YAML
Set of datasets of same type with some common meaning. It is described with the directory path, where datasets and additional information are stored. In contrast to other namings of aggregation, summary normally asks for some compression or reduction of information. This can be here seen in the aspect of having only folder names or links to folders and that a summary is just a chosen subset of the total amoutn of available data. A special summary is the PerformanceResultSummary, which can largely compress the result to one exemplary folder, a zip file, few metadata, and most importantly a short and a complete summary of all performance results in a csv tabular. Formerly called bundle.
(YAML Ain’t Markup Language) Intuitive format for writing specification files. It is the basis. Further reading: YAML.