Processing with node chains: Tutorials and HowTosΒΆ

The main way of starting node chains is with launch. This is done by the NodeChainOperation. As a starting point you should have a look at the node chain tutorial, which tells you what you need at least to process some data. To get a good understanding of the structure of the configuration files in the software, have a look at the YAML description.

The usual way to run the node chains is to use it via pySPACE. To get an idea how this works, you should take a look at the NodeChainOperation tutorial. The configuration in either case is based on a configuration file (in the YAML format) specifying which nodes shall be processed in which order and with which parameters. For starting the software with pySPACE you will also need a specification file for the corresponding NodeChainOperation.

After going through the aforementioned tutorials, you roughly know how to deal with data that has already been recorded, the so called offline data processing. Nevertheless, there is the live part, that was specifically developed for online data processing, which is done using the corresponding scripts or launch_live.